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Did you know that the 2 most popular questions regarding gallbladder stones are:

What is the best gallbladder stone removal treatment?

Is it possible to dissolve gallbladder stones with natural remedies, thereby avoiding a $17,000 surgical procedure?

It is no mystery that removing an organ like your gallbladder from your body is making most people a little bit skeptical. And millions of people are looking for alternative treatments to remove their gallbladder stones before they remove their gallbladder. And if you have more than 2 days before your gallbladder surgery, maybe it is time that you look into dissolving your gallbladder stones with simple and effective gallbladder stone remedies.

Can Natural Remedies Really Dissolve Gallbladder Stones?

It is no secret that some, not all, natural remedies work? Each year, more and more research studies are finding that many natural remedies have some legitimacy to them. Obviously, researchers are also finding that many remedies don’t work. However in the case of gallbladder stones, specifically cholesterol based gallbladder stones (of which 85% are), there are many simple alternative treatments you may wish to try before surgery.

But Why Cholesterol and not Pigment Based Gallbladder stones?

Pigment Gallbladder Stones- Occur Mostly in Asians

Pigment based stones are indicative of either anemia, cirrhosis of the liver, roundworm infection or an e-coli infection and primarily occur in Asiatic countries. Cholesterol based gallbladder stones are by far the most common gallbladder stones. Cholesterol based gallbladder stones are by far the most common gallbladder stones. About 85% of gallbladder stones are cholesterol based which is great for the sufferer. Because this type of gallbladder stone is mainly caused by one’s lifestyle, you can use simple lifestyle habits or treatments to flush the gallbladder stones. In other words, you can painlessly pass your gallbladder stones with a gallbladder, liver and colon cleanse.
But why all 3 organs?

All 3 organs must be flushed because research is showing how all three symptoms function together. In other words, for your gallbladder to pass the gallbladder stones, you must flush both the liver and colon too.

The Best Gallbladder stone Removal Treatment Involves…

1. Water is essential for most alternative treatments because water keeps the body working at peak levels. It is proven that water makes the body run more efficiently. Research shows you should be drinking at least 10-12 glasses a day.

2. You may also wish to go for a walk or you can work out for 20 minutes and you sweat. This is your body flushing itself of toxins, salts and even impurities. And your body will also begin to flush the organs after exercising for a consistent period of time. You should try to exercise for at least 20 minutes every day.

3. Your diet is also extremely important with your alternative treatment. We suggest staying away from high fat foods including fried foods. Obviously, more cholesterol you consume will result in more cholesterol processed by your gallbladder. Stay away from eggs, pork, onions, milk, fowl, citrus, corn, beans and nuts. You may be able to reintroduce these foods to your diet once you pass your stones.

4. You should also eat foods that naturally flush your gallbladder, liver and colon like water soluble fiber. Water soluble fiber will become your best friend to keep gallbladder stones treated and prevented. A great source of fiber is all fruits and vegetables. Get at least 5-6 servings a day.

5. Finally, we also recommend educating yourself on step by step, researched gallbladder stones natural remedies. You can find a doctor approved, researched based remedy at Gallbladder Stone Removal Treatment.

Calling to Cancel Your Surgery?

Thousands of surgeries are canceled every day. Don’t feel obligated to go through with surgery just because you are scheduled! Thousands of our customers have called the morning of surgery to cancel because they dissolved and passed their gallbladder stones naturally.

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