Gallbladder Stones Symptoms

Pigment Gallbladder Stones- Occur Mostly in Asians

Most people who have gallbladder stones (aka gallstones) have no symptoms as the stones sit idly in the gallbladder, causing no problems at all. They have what are called silent gallbladder stones.

All gallbladder stones start off as microscopic crystals. In the 90% of the population that do not have gallbladder stones, no crystals of any size are ever formed. Everything runs smoothly. In the 10% that do have stones, 98% have their  stones expelled naturally and thus no problems. When these stones are not expelled properly, they continue to grow and grow. They can be expelled at anytime in this process until they reach a size of 8mm or more whereby then it becomes very difficult for the stone to pass through the skinnier duct which can lead to severe abdominal pain, vomiting, inflammation, and even a life-threatening infection.

Gallbladder attacks happen when a gallbladder stone becomes lodged in a duct causing a backup of bile which puts pressure on the gallbladder. Persistent severe pain accompanied by fever, jaundice (yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes), or clay-colored stools requires immediate medical attention and treatment for gallbladder stone disease. Gallbladder stones often require surgical intervention but natural methods that do work are highly sought after.

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