Gallbladder Stones Treatment & Prevention

Gallbladder Attack

Gallbladder stones treatment includes options based on the severity of the stones:

  1. Gallbladder stones with no symptoms – Natural treatments are effective in ridding the gallbladder of existing stones while helping to prevent future stones from forming. Click here for an effective natural solution. Dissolving the gallbladder stones with drugs is another method and surgery to remove the gallbladder is another
  2. Gallbladder stones with symptomsNatural treatments can be effective and worth trying even at this stage, but more often than not, removal of the gallbladder is necessary. Follow your doctor’s advice as gallbladder attacks can morph into infections and other problems.


Gallbladder Stones Prevention-

 There is no surefire 100% foolproof way of preventing gallbladder stones. There are things you can do to greatly reduce your risk though, especially if gallbladder stones run in your family:

  1. Eat a healthy diet, high in fiber and low in fat. Eat some fat with meals as this will stimulate the gallbladder to release its store of bile and hopefully, the stones right along with it.
  2. Maintain a normal weight.
  3. Don’t lose weight rapidly as this is a huge risk factor in itself.
  4. Exercise regularly.
  5. Stay hydrated

More detailed instructions on preventing and treating gallbladder stones can be found here.

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